Ten Tips for Winning Papers

  1. Have a compelling title and engaging first paragraph. Readers will decide in about 3 seconds if they will read the rest of the paper.
  2. Use graphics, charts, white space, screen shots, bullets, and case studies to add interest, strengthen credibility, and improve comprehension.
  3. Include practical “takeaways” that readers can use to improve operations.
  4. Don’t be boring – include color, graphics, quotes, case studies – even a little humor or whimsy.
  5. Write to be understood – this is not the place for expansive vocabulary, acronym overload, or unnecessary business jargon.
  6. Limit to 8-12 pages, unless directed to C-level executives. Then 5 pages max.
  7. Provide citations for third party references.
  8. Use a professional to format the paper.
  9. Use credible third parties to publicize the paper.
  10. Retain an author that is well known and respected in your industry.