Choosing a Topic

One of the first questions clients ask us is what should we write about? Nothing will impact readership more than choosing the right subject, with the right title. Choosing a topic requires a balance of considerations. The theme should be topical but not overused. Subject matter should provide useful takeaways, but not be so narrow as to limit the audience to practitioners at the exclusion of decision-makers. The text should support your solution but not be so product-specific that it comes across as a self-serving sales piece.

Before selecting a topic we spend a lot of time with our clients exploring subjects that will be of interest to readers and beneficial to the sponsors. With input from the client, we often submit several options from which they can make a choice. The conclusion may be that we need not one but a sequence of papers where one builds upon the other.

Following is matrix that can help in topic selection.

Supports key messaging points
Supports key differentiators
Topical – people want to know about it now
Shares valuable takeaways
Appeals to the target audience
Unique – New topic or fresh insight to an old topic
Builds on a Series
Gee Whiz quotient (Challenging/controversial)