As Marketing Tools


White papers – especially those crafted by a recognized industry authority– build stature for your company and a reputation for thought leadership. White papers are especially valuable for young companies with limited budgets that need to quickly establish visibility and build credibility.

You Can Tell the Full Story

Unlike print and electronic media you are not pressed for space. You can tell the full story behind your solutions – not just the “what” but also the “why.” You can use graphics, case studies, expert quotations, research statistics, and other communications tools to drive home your point.

Staying Power

Well crafted white papers have staying power– you can still collect leads long after the paper was initially published. Magazines are quickly discarded and tradeshows last for only a few days. Several Pelorus clients continue to generate leads from downloads years after their paper was initially published.

Influences the Buying Process

White papers are relied on to identify solutions to problems, rationalize capital investment proposals, and help structure RFQ’s. According to the 2008 Media Consumption Benchmark Report, prepared by TechTarget, over 80% of tech buyers favor white papers as effective information sources for enterprise technology purchase decisions. White papers were also ranked number one for evaluating a solution – outranking product literature, articles, and webcasts.

Multiple Applications

White papers are ideal as fulfillment pieces for webinars, channel partner support, training tools for new employees, trade show handouts, sales rep leave-behinds, web content, and product launch support.

Cost Effectiveness

Although most do not, some papers authored by Dick Bucci have achieved over 1000 downloads. Actual experience shows that 2% to 7% of these result in sales actions. Over 90% of our papers cost between $3,000 and $5,000. Compare this cost per lead to other marketing venues.