Workforce Optimization


Workforce optimization or “WFO” refers to a suite of integrated contact center solutions, provided by a single vendor, that collectively address the core performance functions of the contact center. Originally these functions encompassed compliance recording, quality monitoring/evaluation, screen recording, workforce management, performance management, and e-learning. The list has since been expanded to include automated coaching tools, speech and data analytics, and voice of the customer (VoC) feedback surveys. Proponents of the WFO model cite advantages like shorter learning curves, easier administration, reduced internal support cost, and single point of contact accountability. Vendors that specialize in one or two specific applications are considered best-of-breed. These vendors maintain that their singular focus helps assure customers will always have products with the greatest functionality and superior quality.

Vendor Adoption of the WFO Model

In 2005 Witness Systems launched Impact 360°, the first fully integrated WFO suite. Since that time the following vendors have introduced suites

NICE Systems
Verint Systems
Enghouse Systems
ZOOM International
CXM Record
Envision Telephony
OpenText WFO


Points of Differentiation

The key points of differentiation are:

  • Breath of functionality
  • Level of integration
  • Ease-of-use and administration
  • Architecture

In the most advanced manifestations of the WFO model information is collected from multiple contact center and enterprise data bases and the data is shared in real-time among all applications. The applications work in harmony with each other and are accessible from a common source customer interface.

Market Size and Growth

Pelorus Associates estimates that global vendor level sales of WFO applications were approximately $1.7 billion in 2017 and total demand is growing in the high single digits. The fastest-growing applications are speech analytics and VoC feedback tools.

Industry Leaders

Pelorus Associates estimates that both Verint and NICE have approximately 40% of the total WFO market. Aspect would be in third place.